As we age, many of us may find that our face and skin problems such as wrinkles, sagging and dullness are increasing. There are also many cases where even young people have problems with swelling of the face and poor blood circulation.

In order to solve these problems, some of you may be thinking of using a facial beauty device.

So, what you may be wondering is the function of the facial device.
In this article, we will explain the functions of facial equipment and the various types of facial equipment.

What are the effects of facial skincare devices?

Depending on the type of facial device, there are various effects that can be obtained by using a facial device.

Functions of different types of facial skincare devices

This facial device applies warm steam to the skin to open the pores and soften the skin.

By applying fine particles of steam to the skin, it can deliver moisture not only to the surface of the skin, but also deep into the skin, making it effective for dry skin, but not effective for lifting or sagging.

Ultrasonic type

Ultrasonic facial equipment is a type of facial equipment that uses minute vibrations to lift and remove dirt and enhance the penetration of serums into the skin.

Since these "ultrasonic waves" are just vibrations, the evidence for their beauty effects is unclear.

Some facial equipment claims to enhance the penetration of beauty ingredients by making them finer with ultrasonic vibrations, but the finer molecules do not necessarily mean that the penetration is enhanced.

Ion introduction type

Ion-introduction is a method that uses electrical force to negatively ionize water-soluble active ingredients for penetration.

It is said that only vitamin C can be ionized among the ingredients that are effective in beauty care, and the ph change caused by ionization causes irritation to the skin.

Collagen and hyaluronic acid cannot be ionized, and some cosmetic ingredients may be altered by ionization.

Electroporation (Core Pulse) type

Electroporation is a technology that uses special electrical pulses to create temporary gaps in skin cells, allowing active ingredients to be safely delivered deep into the skin.

It can also penetrate collagen and hyaluronic acid, which cannot be introduced by iontophoresis, and does not irritate the skin because there is no ph change associated with ionization.

In addition, it can penetrate deep into the skin without changing the beauty ingredients.

EMS type

This is a facial device that sends a weak electric current to the muscles to stimulate and contract the facial muscles.

It can directly approach the muscle weakness that causes sagging, so it has the effect of reducing swelling and sagging, and lifting and firming the face line.

This is the most recommended function for those who suffer from sagging.

RF type

RF stands for "Radio Frequency" and refers to high frequency waves called "radio waves".

It reacts to the moisture inside the skin to warm up the skin, promote blood circulation, and enhance the penetration of serums.

It also activates the metabolism and regulates the skin turnover. It also stimulates the collagen tissue deep within the skin and promotes the production of collagen.

LED type

LED facial equipment irradiates LED light onto the skin to improve blood circulation and activate cell metabolism.

The effect varies depending on the color of the LED light.

Blue light has a bactericidal effect and is effective in preventing acne.

Red light stimulates collagen production, accelerates natural healing, and improves dullness and elasticity of the skin.

"Yellow helps to remove melanin, promote metabolism, and normalize skin turnover.

Massager type

This is a facial massager that is rolled over the face. One of the appealing features of this type of facial device is that it does not require a power source and can be used easily.

The facial roller is applied to the areas of the face that you are concerned about, such as sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines, and rolled over the face.

Most of the contact surfaces are made of germanium, etc., and the main purpose is to promote blood flow.

It is expected to improve swelling and dark circles as stagnant wastes flow through the skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of facial equipment

Advantages of facial equipment

Easy to use at home

One of the advantages of using a facial device is that you can easily get the same level of care as an esthetician at home.

It takes time and money to go to an esthetician, but once you buy a facial device, you can take care of your skin whenever you want, without having to make any troublesome appointments.

Cheaper than estheticians to take care of your skin

A typical facial beauty treatment costs 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen per session. Also, it is not possible to get rid of sagging skin and other problems in one session, so you will need to come back several times.

If you assume that you will go once a month for a year, the annual cost will be 60,000 yen to 120,000 yen.

Can be used in a short time

Going to an esthetician requires a lot of time and effort, such as making appointments, preparing for the trip, and adjusting the time.

However, if you only have one facial device at home, you can easily take care of your skin in your free time without having to change your clothes, style your hair, or worry about your schedule before or after going out.

Disadvantages of facial equipment

No way to try before you buy

If the product is available at an electronics store, you may be able to try it out, but basically, most facial care products are used with no makeup on, so it is difficult to try out a product on your face before purchasing.

High cost

There is a wide range of prices for facial equipment, from about 100,000 yen for home use to around 10,000 yen.

Also, the functionality, warranty, and breakage resistance of the products are often proportional to the price, so if you want to get better results, you will need to raise your budget accordingly.

It takes time to get used to using it.

Some facial equipment comes with a variety of functions, each of which can be used independently, so it may be difficult to learn how to use them.

However, once you get used to it, you will find that some of them can do everything from cleansing to moisturizing and lifting in a single unit, so you can get high quality care in a shorter time than going to an esthetician.